Selecting the perfect flooring can be challenging, since it's a significant part of the overall design. On top of that, there are innumerable options available. Choosing flooring is not just about a selection, it's also about combining materials to complement your style, and balancing your budget. The right flooring can make all the difference, enhancing the look of any space and adding value to your home. A sizable investment, flooring renovations are the third most costly renos within the home - kitchen and washroom are the first two.

A photo of a lounge chair resting on light, laminate flooring.

Products are spectacularly well-made now, which means that in theory, flooring can last approximately 25 years. Your body will completely regenerate its cells, three to four times in this time; how will the 2045 you know what they want their floor to look like?

Here is an excellent way to choose flooring, which involves running all the available options through a 3-step process. The three steps are:


End Game



By first knowing why we're shopping, and then figuring our what you want/need from the floor today, in the short term, and in the long term, it truly does narrow the search. Let's break it down, step by step:



A closeup of wood flooring that leads to patio doors. A table rests on the floor on the right of the photo.

Why are you shopping? Ask yourself what made you decide to change the floors. This can be due to a number of reasons: some practical, some emotional. Are you wanting to change them to improve the functionality for your family? Or is it simply to make the space more stylish and appealing? Maybe it's just for selling, so you want something nice on the eyes and the budget. A floor built to withstand the lifestyle of a growing family will vary greatly from the floor that's luxury home magazine worthy. One may be cost-effective, but hard-wearing with a finish that's forgiving to scratches and dents. The other, a pricier, more precious floor that in itself becomes a noteworthy feature.


End Game

a photo of succulent plants on a refinished hardwood floor.

What is the intent for the property? Not all property investments are the same. Always determine what the answer to this question is before going out to search for flooring types. Basically, there's four typical investment types. The first two are income property investment and force equity investment. If you've purchased a property for these investments, you'll want to go with practical and neutral flooring that will last the test of time, and appeal to many tastes.The third type of investment is the five year flip. Invest in modest flooring that will offer a healthy ROI (return on investment). The final type is the dream home investment. You're looking at paying top dollar to invest in the best flooring products that appeal to your aspirations.



An interior bedroom photo of a white wood floor with a fuzzy, white rug laying on top of it.

Now you're at the fun part. Which category of style are you going for? Classic Contemporary? It's full of traditional flavour, with tailored finishes that one commonly sees in hotels, and utilizes elegant lines. Is it the Natural Organic style you're after? This one is rich with authentic, natural materials that usually feature warm finishes. Or perhaps, you're after a youthful, modern, functional and edgy look - the Modern Industrial style. Search through designer inspiration or cruise sites like Pinterest and Houzz to find out which style category appeals to you and your home. Then, use this inspiration as a dive-board to jump into the detailed elements of your flooring: colour, finish, material and tone.


By breaking your flooring selection into these three steps, the shopping process can be much more enjoyable!

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