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Is it blasphemous for us to talk about winter while it's still autumn? Well, while we don't want to think about the cold right now, maybe it's a good idea for you to think a season ahead. With some restrictions back in place, it may be a good idea to assess your living situation and how it works in our current world situation. Here are 5 ways you can make user friendly adjustments in your home before winter, without completing expensive renovations or moving:

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1) Create Multi Purpose Rooms

An office space with the potential to be turned into any room.

The demand for multipurpose rooms and furniture has increased sizably since the start of the pandemic. Obviously the most notable space people are opting for is an office. As more people work remotely, homes are adapting to accommodate the…

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What's the difference between a home valuation and a property appraisal? 

If you've begun the process of selling your home, you've likely already come across these two terms. While it's easy to get confused - because they are similar - there's a difference that sets these two terms miles apart in the eyes of the law. Put very simply, that difference is estimate vs. exact. Let's delve further into this difference:

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Home Valuation

Home valuations are done by real estate professionals in order to estimate the value of a property. The method they use to do this is called a Comparative Market Analysis, also simply known as a CMA. A Realtor will examine previously sold properties with similar features in the area to create a report. This report…

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Are you one of the many homeowners who procrastinates maintenance tasks? Or are you simply not sure about everything that needs to be done in order to maintain your home?

There are small problems all around your home that can be fixed quite easily, if caught in time. Those same issues, if neglected, can turn disastrous and expensive in a matter of months. Clogged gutters could turn into water-damaged walls, chipped paint can lead to wood rot, and dirty filters will shorten the lifespan of your furnace. Fortunately, we've put together a list of common home maintenance tasks that are often overlooked to help you protect your largest investment with a routine maintenance schedule!

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1) Regrout and Recaulk Bathroom Fixtures 

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Newly built homes appeal to buyers for many reasons, one of the most important being that they have no issues from previous owners. Whatever the reasons are though, if you're considering buying a brand new home, it's crucial to understand the good and the bad. Let's take a look at the pros and cons together:

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The Pros

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1) Interior & Exterior Customization

You get the luxury of laying our your home the way you want it to look! Some builders offer pre-designed packages with layout and color scheme options. Working with a custom builder will allow you complete freedom with every choice, from light fixtures to flooring layout.

2) Pristine

Every detail is clean, shiny and untouched. Everything in that new place was put there for…

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