Decorating for Halloween can be so much fun, but decorating for every holiday can be sooo expensive! That's why we've gathered together this top 10 list of useful decorations so that you can get the most out of your  Halloween decor:

A photo of Jack O Lantern eyes.


10. Creepy, Crawly Bug Art

Did you opt for the creepy insect theme this year? Make the most out of your DIY craft and save it! If you have or know a child who loves bugs, you can incorporate this art into their room. You may be inspiring a budding entomologist! If you don't want to hang on to this craft, consider putting them up for sale at a craft show or garage sale. Donate them to a local charity that hosts silent auctions. You just never know who appreciates these things.


9. That Outdoor Trick…

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As your children grow and change, their bedrooms do the same. As an early form of self-expression, their room within your home is an important part of them growing up. It's the physical form of their state of mind (for the most part). As a parent, you want to encourage them to pursue their evolving interests and emerging creative passions. However, if you were to revamp their rooms with every changing interest, hobby, favourite colour and bands, you'd be spending a ton of money and time. How do you find a balance? Here are 4 things to keep in mind if you're looking to transition your child's room as they get older:

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Start With Change In Mind

Designing a child's nursery when you're expecting a fun and exciting experience. What parents may…

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Both overpricing and underpricing your home when selling can be dangerous to your finances, for different reasons. However, both of these are similar in that they will result in an unfair market price. Now, it's easier for a seller to understand underpricing, but overpricing is a trickier subject. Overpricing can be more of a hindrance to the seller! How exactly? Let's go through the common drawbacks:


Longer Market Time

A photo depicting an older clock, ticking the time away.

Homes priced out of their value range invariably take much longer to sell. The longer a home is on the market, the less valuable it becomes. Nobody gets excited about a property that has anguished for months and months on the market. In fact, the longer a home remains on the market, the greater the tendency for buyers to…

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First impressions are hard to break! Most home owners will form an opinion about your home within seconds of seeing it for the first time. They'll probably spend less than 15 minutes touring your house, and they'll likely be looking at other homes with similar features during their house hunting. Remember, this is almost like a job interview. You have one chance for a first impression, so make your home the one that buyers remember by giving them a GREAT first impression.

The Outdoors

A photo of a home's curb appeal.


Curb Appeal

The way your home looks from the street can honestly make or break a sale. A large percentage of potential home owners (and current homeowners) decide whether or not to look inside of a house based on its curb appeal. The good news is that you…

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