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Have you ever found a home that you were interested in buying, only to find that near the bottom of the page the status reads, "conditional sale" ? What does that mean? Is the home sold, or isn't it? Sold listings are taken down since they're no longer active on the market, so why is a home that is conditionally sold still up there?

A row of dominoes are toppling, one after the other. A hand stops the action.

A conditional sale is much like the photo above. Each domino represents each part of the agreement, and the action of the dominoes falling one after the other represents these parts being completed/agreed upon. The hand stopping the action represents a condition, or a part of the agreement, that has not yet been met. Simply put, when a home is ‘sold conditionally’, it means that a buyer and seller have come to an…

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It's always an experiment to start your outside maintenance in March or April. Will it snow again 3 times, or 4? Will we flood, or will our sump pumps work alright? Once you're confident that second and third Winter have passed, you can get yourself on these 7 easy outdoor tasks:

An image of a person pressure washing their house's siding.

Eavestrough Cleaning

An image of a person digging out dirt and earthy debris from their home's gutter.

Clean out all of the pesky pine needles, leaves, dirt and other debris in your gutters! Overflowing gutters and blocked downspouts can damage the siding and foundation of your home. If you want to be pro-active, you can install a gutter guard once it's clean, which allows only the smallest of particles through. All you have to do every now and again is wipe off the large debris.

A/C Condenser Cleaning

An image of a person hosing down the inside of an air conditioning unit.

Find your big air conditioner…

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Now that you've done all of the prep work to get your home on the market and pretty as a picture, what do you do? You know it's up to us now to do our job, but sometimes sellers can feel like they SHOULD be doing something during this time. Here's a list of things to remember during this listing time, so that you can be the best seller you can be:

An image of silver keys unlocking a grey front door. A keychain is hanging off the keys; a stereotypical image of a suburban home.

Be Flexible

An image of a calendar with large, white numbers on a black background. A creeping vine plant hangs to the right.

Make it as easy as possible for buyers to view your home! Adjust your schedule around potential buyers as much as you can. of course, there are commitments that you may have where you can't compromise your time, but if you can accommodate buyers most of the time, you'll be giving yourself a higher chance of a sale. Not only that, but this accommodation is perceived positively by…

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"Comparables" in real estate refer to comparable home sales. You might even hear this abbreviated as "comps." Comps help sellers and their agents identify an accurate listing price for a home — one that captures more buyers, minimizes time on the market and clears the path for a smooth transaction. Home buyers reference comps to decide how much to offer on a home, so that they make sure they're not over-paying. An appraiser sources their own comps to help accurately assess how much a home is worth. When analyzing real estate comps, it's important to heed a logical criteria of comparison. Let's go over the four most important criteria, so that you can understand how to accurately and fairly price your home when the time comes to sell.

A heading image based on the concept of comparing houses.  Small caret symbols are scattered across yellow paper. A hand guides small, square boxes underneath the caret symbols to create houses that look the same.

1) Compare…

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Looking at making a move with your children and/or pets? Here are some simple tips to help you with the process:

An image of a young girl and a Beagle pup. The puppy is licking the young girl's face.

1) Prepare Ahead Of Time

An image of a To-Do-List laying on a wooden surface, with a full cup of coffee to the left.

Start a discussion with your kids, especially the younger ones, about the move. This gives them time to wind down, figure out the new situation and accept change. Have a question and answer style session with them. All of this helps with the transition! Moving day can be a very challenging day for young kids who aren't adequately prepared.

2) Visit The Neighbourhood

An image of kids enjoying the Yorkton Splash Park.

Take the kids and pets to parks around the new place. Let them see how much fun the new area has to offer! If there's a dog park, you have an excellent opportunity to socialize your dog and meet other dog owners. Just like kids…

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