A new season means new projects if you're a homeowner. Your work is never finished! It doesn't matter if it's regular maintenance or time for a renovation, all of your work as a homeowner goes towards maintaining your investment. Instead of having projects take up your valuable Summer, use this Spring to work on the place. Besides, the temperature will be cooler and the breeze comes around often. Once the hot weather comes, you can fully soak it up outside or hide away in the cool confines of air conditioning. That being said, we've taken the liberty of doing some project brainstorming for you! Here are five home projects you can take up this Spring:

Photo of a boyfriend and girlfriend measuring the floor together. 

1) Install a Security System

If your plans include getting away from the house this…

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We saw with the global pandemic a major drop in interest rates for homes (this wasn't limited to houses, but for the sake of this topic, we'll limit it to houses). The cost of borrowing money was lower than it had ever been before because of the unprecedented situation. Among the negative crap storm of the world being affected by COVID-19, low interest rates were a positive ray of sunshine. Buyers were able to take advantage of this side effect, which made affording a home easier than it had ever been before.

Now, as the world adapts to live despite this virus, the economy is adapting to be able to recover. This means that interest rates will be on the rise, affecting all types of borrowing. We are already seeing banks here rise their rates, though in…

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When you think of downsizing, you think of empty nesters or retirees, right? Well, it's actually becoming more common to downsize for other reasons. Small families, couples and singles of all ages downsize in order to enjoy life, reduce expenses and help provide opportunities for their children. It's all about their needs and life situations that lead them to make such a decision. Here are the main reasons why more people are looking at downsizing before becoming empty nesters and retirees:

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1) Reducing the Cost of Living

Reducing cost is the number one way to save money, whether you're a business or an individual. In recent years, people have opted to ditch landlines in favour of their cellphones. They've cancelled their Satellite…

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