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Have you ever looked at the photos on a listing and been completely turned off just by the look of a room? Of course you have, you're human! It's a natural response. We all have different tastes, and it's bound to happen. Luckily, paint can be corrected without too much hassle. Don't give up on a house just because the paint is outdated or not exactly what you want! These kinds of painting projects can actually be a fun bonding experience with you and your new home. It helps to make the transition fun, and show you that yes - this house is indeed yours! Not all painting projects are created equal though, especially where budget is concerned. That's why we've gathered these budget friendly tips together to help you get the most out of every last (paint)…

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For most, this is an awkward topic to cover. More and more couples are electing to buy a home together before marriage, as well as couples that choose to remain common-law. This change in societal norm can result in uncomfortable talks between your sweetheart, your lawyer, your Realtor and your parents. However, the most productive talks ARE the awkward ones! And, in terms of real estate, there's always uncomfortable scenarios you need to be prepared for anyway. In a traditional fashion, married couples had to plan and arrange their finances in a streamlined way for their real estate investment. Does this change for non-traditional you and yours? Nope! In fact, it's pretty much the same - sans the same last name. Let's dive right in and talk about it…

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Thinking about selling? Not sure about doing it on your own, or getting a Realtor to help you out? Here is the perfect place to begin. Let's go over the process from your perspective:

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1) Call Your Realtor

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Okay, so we're a little biased. We want you to go with us instead of doing this all yourself. Is it because we're greedy, commission hungry sales people? NOPE. It's because we're professionals. Would you install a water heater in your home if you weren't completely sure on how to do it? Probably not. You'd seek a professional to complete the work. The same thing goes for selling, and that's exactly why we're here. When you're beginning to think about selling your home, we have an informal conversation about why you want or need to…

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Hey, homeowner! If you've come here, you probably aren't sure where the really important things in your house are. You're likely a first time homebuyer, but maybe not. No worries if you are - everyone has to start somewhere! Regardless, you want to know what systems require your prioritized attention and care. Follow along with the list below as we shed some light on the important questions you have about your home.

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1) Where is my main water valve?

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Since homes are built by different people and different construction companies, every home layout is different. However, your main water valve is most likely on the interior of your home, near ground level. For most homes, it's right by your water meter. If not, think logically. The fastest…

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