Every home can come with some awkward spaces – small nooks, tight corners, shallow closets - but that doesn’t mean they can't be functional. We are sharing our top solutions to transform your “dead zones” into your new favourite spot!

A header image of a home office space under a set of modern stairs.

1) Bay Windows

Bay windows are a beautiful addition to any room, but this bonus space often goes unused because of its awkward shape. Instead of installing costly-customized pieces, try adding a small desk or couch. The pop-out area creates the perfect space for a home office or reading nook!

2) Above Kitchen Cabinets

No one can have enough kitchen storage, so why not use the unclaimed space above the cabinets? Show off your stylish dishware, plants, or less-attractive pieces in decorative…

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Spending summer at home? Or, looking to revamp the backyard for a better home sale? In both cases, you've come to the right place! Creating the perfect outdoor space doesn't have to cost you tons of money, nor does it have to be a large space. Here are some tips for you on creating your perfect backyard oasis:

An image of a small urban backyard.

Start With A Focal Point

Every yard, no matter its size, needs a focal point. A focal point directs attention and interest to one area or one spot. This is used in our indoor spaces all the time. For example, in our kitchens, the focal point is where we prepare our food - the stove, the fridge and the countertops. In our living rooms, the focal point is usually the T.V. All of the design will point, lead or be otherwise neutral to…

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You've got an income property! Congrats! You've signed the papers, made the fixes, and are now looking for the right people to rent to. How do you find great tenants for your rental property? It's not an easy process, but there are a few things you can learn in order to avoid those horrible renting situations:

An image of a young family moving in. A young girl and toddler boy are excitedly running in the foreground, carrying moving boxes. The mother and father are blurred in the background, carrying more moving boxes.

1. Understand Saskatchewan's Laws About Landlords And Tenants

Your due diligence is to research and understand provincial and federal law regarding rental properties, landlords and tenants. Since provincial law is heavily modeled under federal law, the majority of the information will be much the same. However, make sure you read thoroughly in case anything differs. Our province's website has sectioned info on Landlords and Rental…

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Open concept floor plans make up the larger part of new residential house builds, and have been since the early to mid 1990s. This floor plan is the go-to design for home renovation projects in older homes that want to maximize space and appeal to new buyers. It allows for individuals and individual activities to co-exist with others; families can enjoy doing their own thing(s) in one area, while other family members could be doing a completely different activity in another area, but still be able to communicate effectively. In addition, the blending of a kitchen, living and dining room makes for a great party space - perfect for those who entertain as a part of their lifestyle. However, this floor plan isn't ideal for every person...and that's okay!…

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