This is a topic we get sad about - but it gets asked frequently, so we better answer it! The short answer, regrettably, is yes. You can buy a home without a Realtor. However, the real question to ask is "What should I consider if I decide to buy without a Realtor?" This is where you'll get your proper answer. It's possible to buy a home without a Realtor, but is that wise? Here's what you'll have to consider if you go solo:

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There's Quite a Bit of Paperwork Involved

Purchasing a home requires a lot of documentation. There's inspection reports, purchase offers, disclosures, bank statements, lender documentation, approvals, estimates, closing costs, taxes, insurance, mortgage docs, appraisals....and even more! Are you able to understand…

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If you've come here, you're either a new homeowner, or you're looking at buying your first home. May we be the first to say Congratulations! This is a huge step, and we hope our advice can help take the fear away from this large transaction. One of the most important responsibilities when becoming the owner of a home is making sure it's protected (financially speaking). A home insurance policy not only protects the structure, but the contents within should anything horrible happen. The following four tips will help you find the right plan to fit your needs, as well as ensure all of your belongings are protected. Once you go ahead with the policy, you'll be able to sleep safe and sound in your new space.

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1) Shop Around


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When it comes to the home, most people want to stay in it for as long as possible. Trouble arises when their home doesn't age as well as they do. Take the bathroom, for example. A study released by the CDC in 2020 showed that falls are the leading cause of injury in adults over the age of 65, with 3 million ER visits per year. 79% of those falls take place in the bathroom. Despite these numbers, many homeowners resist changes that would make the room safer for fear that it would look too clinical or remind them of a hospital. Even those selling their home resist these kinds of changes for fear of affecting their ROI. 

But now, that's changing. The things designed to make the bathroom safer, like large showers, higher toilets, grab bars, improved…

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Bad habits are easy to fall into, and hard to break out of. Take, for example, the use of alliterative titles. It was our resolution to stop with the cliché, but it's a tougher habit to break than we thought!

All jokes aside, there are bad habits that you can fall into as a homeowner...habits that can end up costing you money. We'll list them below, as well as solutions:

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1) Compulsive Sale Buys

We know, getting a deal on anything for the home is such a rush when you're a homeowner...but budget buying may actually cost you more in the long run. Cheaper isn't always better. For example, cheaping out on paintbrushes seems like a good way to save money, but dollar store brushes can leave annoying streaks and uneven strokes. Depending…

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