There are many emotions home buyers have when buying a home. Here are some we've compiled that we know you can relate to!

1) Every emotion, hitting you all at once

Gotta get approved, gotta have an inspection, gotta know what you want, gotta look at homes, gotta do this, gotta do that...Thinking about the whole process during the beginning stages of home buying fills you with stress you didn't know was possible, and emotions you didn't know you were capable of feeling. And sometimes, those emotions hit you like falling boxes. First you're excited to look for what you want, then you're sad because the weight of what you can actually afford hits you. Anxiety hits you next, because your brain is pushing doubts about the long term to the forefront. And then, maybe you're a little angry for switching careers or jobs when you did.



2) Out of reach

You feel like the houses you really want are juuust out of reach. Even if you can spend more on luxuries, you feel that if you could spend just a little bit more, then you'll be happy. Of course, that's not true. that's your brain pushing some more doubt on you. A great way to combat this is to set your price limit lower than what you can afford.



3) You've aged seemingly overnight

Hurry up and submit your financial information to your bank so you can get approved! Then, you're waiting to hear back. Hurry up and get an inspection done! Then you're waiting for the paperwork on it. Hurry up and get that down payment settled! Then you're waiting for it to go through, but it's taking forever! They should call buying a home "The Hurry Up and Wait," because that's all it seems to be to you. 



4) Feeling like the master of sneaky

You've incorporated house hunting into every part of your day, because you don't want to miss "the one." This includes stealth searching online while you're at work. Finally, you catch a peek of an amazing opportunity mid-afternoon on a Tuesday, and you've just gotta check it out. You bust out your creative story skills on your boss, just so you can get away for the right amount of time.



5) Back in school?

It never fails. The house you want is being looked at by five other people. You place your offer and wait...and it feels like you're in gym class again, waiting for someone to pick you.



6) A case of the guilties

This one is unexpected for buyers: feeling sorry or guilty. It might be that you want to apologize to a seller for taking so long on buying the house. With all of the hurry up and wait segments you've been through, you feel like you've taken too long, and you don't want to upset the seller. Or maybe you used a different Realtor than going through one you know, or going through a family/friend. You don't want it to hurt your friendship, but you're afraid it now you feel guilty.



7) Missing your agent

Hey, you get pretty close to your realtor! For a small while, you see each other often, share stories and experiences, and maybe they see you ugly cry a couple of times. It's a unique relationship that some choose not to recognize. After the sale, contact becomes less and less. As you begin to feel more comfortable as a homeowner, your realtor backs off. They've helped you search, buy and close on a home. Once they help you get started as an informed home owner, there's not much else they can help you with. And darn it, you miss them! You may not be buying a home for a long while, but I bet they'd love to hear from you. Or maybe meet up with you for lunch.



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