As we all know, there are no quick fixes when it comes to your credit. There is no magic way or secret trick to rapidly improve your credit standing. However, improving your credit is something that you can get STARTED on rather quickly. After some time, your credit score will improve and other aspects of your financial health will reach a healthy level. Without further ado, here are our three surefire ways to improve your credit worthiness:

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1) Only Apply For Credit If Absolutely Necessary

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Financial institutions may take the opening of multiple accounts as a red flag. They may see you as being unable to repay any debt at all because this behaviour is common with those who are financially distressed. Lenders approve their borrowers if they know their borrowers can pay the loan back. Lenders that can see credit upon credit accounts are less likely to lend to you. 

2) Be Punctual With Payments

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Pay on time and don't think twice about it. Your credit score is affected by late payments, and is something that can be easily avoided. Use your mobile device's reminder function to set up a monthly reminder! Or, write up a monthly chart that gets stuck to the fridge. This way, you won't be reliant on your memory alone - it's written down. Regular payments are a clear indicator of reliability to lenders.

3) Keep Your Credit Balance Down

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Try not to max out your credit cards. Instead, aim for not exceeding 3/4 of your credit. Doing this will improve your financial health in the long-run, since your history will show that you're responsible with money. Each month, start with paying your bills and expenses BEFORE you buy things you want. Your bills will be exact, so that's easy to predict, For other fluctuating expenses, like groceries for example, you can predict a number that gives comfortable breathing room (in case you buy more food one week as opposed to another). This prediction will be factored into your other expenses, and what you're left with is funny money for the rest of the month. Use it if you wish, or use it to make an extra credit card payment. Save your wants and impulsive buys - you are making the conscious decision to improve your financial health. Impulsive and needless buying is often how we get into financial issues in the first place. 

These tips will provide you with a realistic and attainable way to improve your credit worthiness! You will reach your financial goal!

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