Now that you've done all of the prep work to get your home on the market and pretty as a picture, what do you do? You know it's up to us now to do our job, but sometimes sellers can feel like they SHOULD be doing something during this time. Here's a list of things to remember during this listing time, so that you can be the best seller you can be:

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Be Flexible

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Make it as easy as possible for buyers to view your home! Adjust your schedule around potential buyers as much as you can. of course, there are commitments that you may have where you can't compromise your time, but if you can accommodate buyers most of the time, you'll be giving yourself a higher chance of a sale. Not only that, but this accommodation is perceived positively by buyers. It shows politeness and professionalism. It's just one of those small things that can make the biggest difference in buyers placing their offers. 

Be Open

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COVID-19 restrictions have changed the way we work when it comes to open houses. While these events are still on pause, there are other ways to give open houses to buyers during this time. Discuss with your Realtor if private showings are the only route you want to take, or if you want to try virtual options. These virtual options can include Skype/Facetime/Google Duo video calls, live video on social media, pre-recorded video and/or interactive 3D virtual tours. Being open to trying these options, in lieu of the Open Houses we can't have, works in a similar fashion to being flexible. Giving buyers a few different options of viewing your home allows them freedom, safety and time. 

Stay In Reach

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Your Realtor will need to stay in contact with you for possible showings, offers and potential questions. Sometimes, an unforeseen issue (usually small) pops up and they need to get a hold of you right away. If you are going away or going to be out of town, it's important to let your Realtor know that as well.

Keep It Clean

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We know life happens, but try to keep the home as clean as possible during showings. Showing a home with clutter or a real mess can bring up objections and/or concerns for potential buyers. If your home is clean, it will be that much more attractive in the eyes of the buyer - both figuratively and literally.

Be Updated

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While your home is on the market, you'll be receiving weekly updates about the number of viewings your home has had online and offline, any new comparable houses for sale, and any comparables for ones that have just sold. This keeps you informed of what's happening, and helps you make an informed decision about possible price reductions - in case the home stays on the market longer. Our Realtors also make a point to follow up with other agents when a showing has finished; the feedback helps so you know what, if any, improvements can be made on your part.

These few things will set you apart as a great seller, helping you reach your goal - selling that house!

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