From now until late February, we all experience "The Winter Blues". Selling your home in winter, especially during this time of winter, presents an extra challenge. In addition to that, COVID-19 restrictions can leave some sellers feeling defeated. Please don't be so hard on yourself! Things ARE challenging right now, but we can adapt to overcome the challenge. There ARE buyers out there right now, and they ARE looking. If your home is presented properly and priced perfectly, buyers WILL come! With that in mind, here are some tips that will serve you well:

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Shoveling is easy to forget about if your house has an attached garage. You may not have to worry about hoofing it through snow, but anyone coming to view your home will! Clear out the driveway and any walkways you have. Not only does this courtesy start the buyer with a positive outlook, you're also ensuring their safety. Slippery packed snow and ice can lay under a fresh powdering, often leading to slips and trips.

Utilize Colour

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Don't let your home be affected by the Winter Blues! A warm and colourful appearance in your home is the equivalent of smiling when you talk to someone. You're more likely to be understood, and treated fairly. And hey, they usually smile back! In the context of your home, this appearance will put a smile on their face as they more seriously consider the idea of living there. Overall, it's one of those small things that can end up making all the difference to someone.

Think Realistically

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Winter isn't as active as the market in summer, it's true. However, there are still buyers looking for a home. Who's to say that your home isn't the home they are looking for? Seasons aren't the best indicator of buyer interest, life events are. A new job or job relocation may be the reason a buyer is looking for a place. A young couple who have decided to move in together after taking things slow in their relationship can be another reason. Life happens. Just as you are going through a downsizing period, or moving for work yourself, life events are happening to buyers too. Additionally, winter lasts for half a year or more in our province! It's not realistic for buyers to wait for the snow to melt until they start looking for a home. 

Clean the Windows

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It's easy to see EVERYTHING on windows during the winter. This is because snow reflects light. You've experienced this while driving; that's why most folks drive with sunglasses on. Not only do you have to contend with the sun, you have to contend with all of the sunlight the snow is reflecting towards you - from the road, from the ditches, from the fields, etc. The windows of your home will show any and all stains, smears and grime. If you miss something like this, buyers may wonder what other details you've missed out on. It's all a part of a great first impression.

Keep It Warm

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Having your own home set at a lower temperature is a great way to lower your heating costs. When it comes to selling your home though, a warm space gives the impression that the house is energy efficient and well insulated. A secondary impression is one of coziness and comfort! Keeping the heat up during this temporary time will help you receive top dollar.

Keep Showing

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This can end up being inconvenient at times for you, but don't turn down showings! Winter buyers tend to be more serious, so keeping those appointments are worth it for you. A "buyer comes first" approach makes your home more accessible, and you - the seller - more transparent. Accessibility and honesty will go a long way towards a successful sale!

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