A new season means new projects if you're a homeowner. Your work is never finished! It doesn't matter if it's regular maintenance or time for a renovation, all of your work as a homeowner goes towards maintaining your investment. Instead of having projects take up your valuable Summer, use this Spring to work on the place. Besides, the temperature will be cooler and the breeze comes around often. Once the hot weather comes, you can fully soak it up outside or hide away in the cool confines of air conditioning. That being said, we've taken the liberty of doing some project brainstorming for you! Here are five home projects you can take up this Spring:

Photo of a boyfriend and girlfriend measuring the floor together. 

1) Install a Security System

If your plans include getting away from the house this summer, Spring is the perfect time to install a home security system. These things aren't for the rich anymore. More and more affordable options have been hitting the market since the pandemic began. With more people at home, interest in home security rose. Now that people are getting out once again, you can bet that home invaders will be getting out again, too. Check out the different places around town that offer these systems, and compare them with ones you can buy online. Weigh the pros and cons of each, making sure to think about ease of technical support should you encounter any issues - maybe the option in town is more expensive, but you know local Joe can be at your place in 5 minutes to rectify any problem. Additionally, you may want to look into automation services so that you can control things around the house (lighting, heating, cooling, etc) from your phone. That way, you can give the appearance that someone is still home even if you're not.

An image of a surveillance camera. A home sits in the background.

2) Renovate the Shower

Prairie summers can be unbearably hot! Enhance your bathroom with a shower renovation. It won't be just luxurious, it'll be a great return on investment if you plan on selling. Or, if you spend lots of time outdoors/in the garden, building a private outdoor shower will be such a rewarding project! You'll be able to wash away the aches and pains of the day (not to mention the dirt) before relaxing inside.

3) Clean the Garage

The garage is usually the last area of the home to receive some TLC. This year, make it your number one priority! Start with organizing your things into the four standard piles: keep, donate, recycle and throw away. Once you've lightened your load, you can clean out the space from top to bottom, and then fill it with the items you have left. This will make sure everything gets efficiently washed and stored.

An image of a man in jeans sweeping his concrete garage floor.

4) Change the Furnace Filter

Okay, so this one isn't a project so much as a typical home maintenance task. You could totally start with this one, and finish it in less than five minutes! Your furnace has worked hard this Winter. All of the built up bacteria, dead skin cells, dust, hair and allergens have been trapped by your furnace filter. Keep that system at peak efficiency by replacing the filter, or cleaning it gently with soap and warm water if you have a reusable one. If you have central air conditioning, that AC unit uses your furnace's air handler to distribute cool air throughout your house - which means they share a filter. A clogged/dirty filter will have your AC working harder during the summer to supply you with cool air. So just clean it! Follow this filter change up with cleaning some of the other filters around your house (dishwasher, range hood, and vacuum all come to mind). 

5) Perform Small Engine Repair

Your lawnmower probably isn't performing like it did when you first purchased it. Maybe it's time for a tune-up! Change out your spark plug or air filter, change the oil, clean the carburetor and sharpen the blades. If mechanics aren't your thing, find a mechanic in your area who can take care of it. This also goes for your snowblower, chainsaw, boat motor, and any other item you have with a small engine. Keeping these things in good, working condition will make sure your home stays in good condition as well!

An image of a gloved mechanic checking out a lawn mower.

Remember, no project is too big or small when it comes to home maintenance. Your home is likely your biggest investment, and ensuring that it's kept in good shape will help maintain its long-term health. And, if you plan on selling, nothing sells better than a home where pride of ownership is all-too-evident.

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