A house is simply a physical structure. A home is a place where you create meaningful memories with loved ones. It's a place for watching the first steps of life, celebrating birthdays and enjoying those sit-down family dinners. If you've just moved into a house, you want to turn that place into home as soon as you can! We've got 5 ideas that involve the whole family:

Create a Family Gallery

A modern family gallery wall.

Create a gallery wall featuring photos of your family, art created by members of your family, or photos of friends! Hang up holiday, first day of school and other milestone moment photos. Mix in some of your children's artwork, or artwork of your own. For added visual interest, you can hang up letters, plaques, alphabetical letters or textiles. Organize the photos or artwork however you wish, or create a modern gallery wall using simple, large frames arranged in a grid layout. Multiples of 3 or 5 work best.


Start a Collection

Unique salt and pepper shakers.

Begin a collection hobby with your family or significant other. It turns into a game, and brings excitement whenever someone has something new to add. Collect weird and unique salt and pepper shakers, artistic vases, game memorabilia, or anything else that you can think of! Display the pieces throughout the home. Every time you walk past, you'll be reminded of the time you found it, or the reactions of your family when you brought it home. Over time, this may even be a tradition you pass on to your kids. If you've already got a collection, display it on a vintage shelf or dresser. If it's a collection you cannot use or don't like, think about re-purposing it. Have some of Grandma's beautiful china plates? Craft them into a unique chandelier or lamp, a treat stand for parties, a jewelry tree, and more. There's some great ideas for re-purposing decorative plates and teacups at https://www.pinterest.se/hey_blue/things-to-do-with-grandmas-china/ .


Incorporate Storage Into Any Room

Wicker baskets to store children's toys.

A mess is a part of being in a home. Sure, it's a downside, but you can change that by incorporating storage pieces into the layout of any room in the house. Separate your children's toys into multiple baskets to place on shelves, displaying one or two on the shelves above. Your kids will still have easy access to them, as well as making clean up a breeze! Bonus - when you clean up, you'll technically be decorating too! When shelving isn't an option due to limited space, mount sturdy coat hooks vertically. Hang your storage bins off of those coat hooks, and store what you need too. This one works great for family rooms. Store Mom and Dad's stuff in the highest bin, kids' stuff in the middle or bottom bins. The height works well for keeping little hands from accessing items they shouldn't.


Make a Height Chart

A children's height chart stuck on a wall.

You can mark out your own chart on any door or wall you wish. If you want some personality but don't have artistic abilities, you can find height chart decals just about anywhere. You'll love being able to see exactly how much your children have grown, and they'll get excited by their progress each time you make a new mark. Height charts are also valuable tools for predicting growth spurts. You can prepare yourself for the restless nights of growing pains, or the expensive weeks of increased appetites.


Create a Reading Nook or Library Area

Photo of a reading nook.

You don't need a dedicated room for reading, and most of us don't have the budget to include libraries in our homes. Just select an area in your home where you can curl up with a good book! Place a foam topper or thick blanket on top, and fill it with as many comfort items as you want. Reading areas by windows are always the best, since they let in lots of natural light and great views for pondering readers. If your kids are at the pre-reading level, this area is a wonderful and comfortable introduction to books.


So that's it! Some ideas may cost you more money, but others are fun projects for you and your family to build. All of them will help you turn your house into the home you desire.

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