Thinking about selling? Not sure about doing it on your own, or getting a Realtor to help you out? Here is the perfect place to begin. Let's go over the process from your perspective:

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1) Call Your Realtor

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Okay, so we're a little biased. We want you to go with us instead of doing this all yourself. Is it because we're greedy, commission hungry sales people? NOPE. It's because we're professionals. Would you install a water heater in your home if you weren't completely sure on how to do it? Probably not. You'd seek a professional to complete the work. The same thing goes for selling, and that's exactly why we're here. When you're beginning to think about selling your home, we have an informal conversation about why you want or need to sell, the time frame you're looking at, and what the market is doing right now. Pick the Realtor that YOU want. Don't pick a Realtor just because they want to list your home at the highest price. Pick a Realtor based on the service they offer, the knowledge they possess, and the marketing strategy they'll employ for you. This Realtor will also price your home accurately and fairly, giving buyers the incredible opportunity to give you offers right off the bat. 

2) Price Your Home

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This is where you and your Realtor will sit down to have a more serious discussion about your home. You'll walk through the home together, and your Realtor will gather information about your home's age, its condition, its location, the neighbourhood it's in and its value based on similar homes currently on the market. All of these factors will be compiled to give you an accurate home evaluation. From there, you and your Realtor decide on how to go forward - you can think of it as a game plan! Once you decide on how to market and show your home once it's up, you've got some things to take care of before signing anything.

3) De-clutter And De-personalize

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Now you need to get your home to be show-ready. Declutter as much as possible! Pack up excess stuff, decor, papers, etc., and properly store it, donate it, or get rid of it. Your collection of RC cars or comic books may be awesome, but the buyer likely won't think the same. The buyer will be looking at your house with the intention of seeing how they could live there. It may hurt you a little to have to put it away, but your collection will be able to breathe again once you move! This step is actually a great place to begin packing, just because you're organizing and storing things anyway. Every family photo you have hanging doesn't have to come down, because then you'd be de-personalizing the house too much, and that's not good either. You'll know how much to take away when you're in this stage. Also, remember to fix any minor dings and scratches you find while de-cluttering. When you finally do photos, you'll be amazed by how easy it is to notice imperfections. If a camera adds 10 pounds, imagine what it does for a scratch on the wall! If you need further help on staging, you can always see what your Realtor recommends, or  what staging services they have access to.

4) Clean Up

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Online or IRL (in real life), first impressions are crucial! A clean home is the easiest to sell. Make sure to take the time to change your lightbulbs and clean the light fixtures. Buyers always notice this first thing! Don't worry too much about your dressers or drawers, but definitely take the time to clean your cabinets and closets. These small storage areas are always opened and checked. If yours are cleaned and organized, it further helps buyers to imagine their things stored in there. Less is more! If you have lots of furniture taking up the space in a room, consider taking it out and storing it. Clean the area where it was, and you'll notice how much more open the room appears. This impacts buyers and the pictures that buyers look at in a big way! 

5) It's Go Time!

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Call your Realtor back. Now is the time you'll sit down to officially sign the listing agreement, measure your rooms, get your home photos taken and jot down all the details for selling. The sign will go up in your front yard, and in a matter of days, depending on how fast the photographer works, you'll be live on the market! 

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