You've just bought a home, and you're getting ready to move. Before possession day, your daydreams consist of floor plans, furniture arrangements and interior design. Are we right?

It's absolutely normal to focus on the fun things right now, even though you know moving day will be hectic. In fact, we encourage ALL the daydreams and small celebrations right now. What we also encourage is taking the time to set up safety measures, take care of small maintenance tasks and check up on your new home's systems. This will solve the question of, "what now?" that new homeowners often have after moving in. Let's go over these tasks, and when the best time to complete them is:

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Before Closing

Included in your Agreement of Purchase and Sale should be a walk-through (or two) before the deal goes through. Use these appointments to measure for window coverings and appliances, so that you know your things will definitely fit. Assess the home with fresh eyes, like you're seeing it for the first time - all over again. During these walk-throughs, you'll see what the home looks like when it's properly lived in... as opposed to when you saw it staged during its showing.

Pre-move tasks

  • Measure for your existing furniture
  • Order appliances, furniture, decor, etc
  • If you're planning a reno, having the materials ready and/or the labour scheduled well in advance of possession day is ideal. That way, the work can begin as soon as you have possession.
  • Notify your health service providers of your new address
  • Update Canada Post and the CRA on your new address
  • Update or transfer homeowner's insurance, vehicle insurance or any other policy you have
  • Update your driver's license and license plate info
  • Set up and/or transfer utilities and internet for the new place
  • Organize and label your belongings by room for easy packing/unpacking
  • Learn how property taxes will be paid at the new place
  • Learn how you will be receiving the keys on possession day, and the time when you can enter
  • Make yourself a list for all of these tasks, it'll save your sanity by keeping you on track

After Taking Possession


With no furniture or decor to get in the way, you can complete any painting or renovation project in no time!

Change the Locks

This is the smart thing to do. You don't know who had spare keys, who lost their keys, or the type of people that used to have access to the house. 

Change the Batteries in the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Unless you know the seller(s) just changed the batteries, you won't know how long those batteries will last. For peace of mind and safety's sake, replace them with new batteries and test.

Change the Filters in the HVAC System

Anything circulating through your home’s Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system gets breathed in over and over. Install a fresh filter and vacuum your home’s cold air returns. This will also reduce allergens, particularly pet dander if the previous owners had pets. You might even consider getting your ducts cleaned to improve your new home’s air quality.

Inspection Report

Did you have an inspection at the time of sale? Your report can turn into your maintenance to-do list over the following months/years. If you didn't have one completed for whatever reason, get one done now. It's crucial that you know what condition your home is in, and the potential expenses you'll need to deal with. 

Moving is chaotic and exciting! If you take the time to learn how your new home works, and the tasks required to keep it in tip-top shape, you're going to be a great homeowner! If you take care of your home, your home will take care of you for many years to come.  

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