Today, our homes are capable of performing tasks automatically. These intelligent features remind us of cartoons like The Jetsons, or sci-fi shows like Star Trek. What once was imagined is now reality! Automated home features make life easier for us, and some can even help to increase your ROI if you plan to sell. Let's go over some specific smart tools, shall we?

Header image of a man's hand holding a cellphone. Cellphone display shows a smart home hub, where he can adjust the lights, locks, appliances, thermostat, doorbell, outlets and vacuum  from one convenient place.

Smart Doorbells

An image of a smart doorbell in conjunction with the display output to cellphone.

Smart doorbells are becoming a must-have for every household! With online purchases at an all time high, so too is package theft. These doorbells will alert you to the presence of thieves, or to the presence of your delivery person, all in real time! A video feed streamed to your mobile phone allows you to see who's at the door, allowing you to decide how to proceed. These doorbells are often paired with the next item...

Smart Locks

Having a smart lock installed is incredibly handy if you frequently forget keys, have multiple people entering or exiting the home, or need the delivery person to drop your package in the foyer to avoid thieving hands. Different entry types exist among the locks available - a keypad code, a lock/unlock app for your phone, or simply holding up your phone to the lock as recognition. From a selling standpoint, smart locks can simplify home showings. They eliminate the need for a lockbox! In addition, this high tech feature serves as a highlight for potential buyers. Home technology is enticing!

Smart Detectors

A photo of a water leak detector located under a refrigerator

Never forget that threats can come from inside your home, as well. Smart detectors are on the rise in homes for detecting water leaks. Their small size makes it easy to install under sinks, fridges, near toilets, water tanks and other places where space is limited. If any moisture above a certain level is detected, you'll be notified right away. In this way, a small device cost now can end up saving you a huge repair cost later! 

Smart Thermostats

Take control of the climate in your home, without getting up from your warm, comfy couch. Your tablet or phone serves as a task center; set the temperature and even set up temperature schedules that adjust the heat/cooling while you're away. Some models come with intelligent learning modes that'll study your adjustments habits, and auto-adjust! Not only does this keep you comfortable in any season, but it can also help to cut electricity costs, too. If you plan on selling your home, this feature is irresistible to potential buyers! Who doesn't love energy efficient features?

Smart Lighting

An image of a cellphone controlling the hue and intensity of the lamp in the background.

Smart light bulbs aren't just for fun party ambience - they're an excellent tool for lighting your whole home in a flexible and convenient way. Switch one or multiple lights off/on, dim/brighten one or multiple lights, and even choose which colour of light you want displayed. The best feature of any smart light is the fact that you can schedule them. This is perfect for homeowners on vacation, since you can give the illusion that you're still home. It's even great just to have the lights come on before you walk in the door, especially if your hands are always full. At night, you don't have to worry about doing another walk-through of the house before bed. One tap will turn them all off. Watch your electricity bill dip when you automate lighting! Hello irresistible energy efficiency feature for potential buyers! 

Smart Appliances

Fridges, washers, dryers and ovens are adopting this tech. Use your phone to turn the washer on for a second cycle, pre-heat the oven before you get home, or adjust the heat intensity in your dryer mid-cycle. Watch a recipe tutorial right from the door of your refrigerator! 

Smart Plugs 

A smart plug is used in an electrical outlet located in the kitchen.

Any of your electronics can be turned into a smart device; use a smart plug! They can also be used as a safety feature too, to turn off the power right at the outlet.

Smart Vacuums

Smart vacuums are by far the most commonly known in this list. For good reason, too. Everyone enjoys when chores are taken care of. These intelligent little devices move from room to room, sucking up debris as they go, and then returning to their chargers once finished. Pet owners are the most likely to own a smart vacuum, since they can keep up with the shedding schedule of furry residents better than busy owners.

Smart Hubs 

A smart home hub device sits on a living room coffee table.

The more smart tech you have in your home, the more apps you have on your phone to control things. The invention of the personal assistant, Siri, was revolutionary for many reasons. In the case of home technology, Siri/Alexa/Google Assistant can integrate your smart devices so that you can control them all from one place. Buh-bye endless phone apps taking up space! All you have to do is use your voice to give the command, and your personal assistant takes care of the rest.

These hubs are also portable. This means that if you plan on moving, your personal assistant can come with you!

Overall, if you’re trying to boost your ROI to prepare your home for sale, or you’re simply looking for ways to upgrade your existing home for convenience, these smart-tech gadgets are sure to do the trick! The best part about them is their energy saving side effect. That's good for you, and good for potential buyers.

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