Kids aren't the only ones who should have all the fun on Easter! If you're stuck on what to do this year, take a look at these activities:

A coloured Easter egg sits in an appropriately sized fake nest. Twigs and budding flowers lay nearby. 

1) Easter Dessert Exchange

Host a baking exchange with your family and/or friends! Each guest brings/creates an Easter themed dessert. Set up a buffet table, where each person can grab a small plate of each dessert. Then, get everyone to vote on their favourite - you can do this by a simple show of hands, or by giving each guest a token to place in solid jars beside their respective dessert. The jar with the most tokens wins! You can make the winning prize treats, a Tim's card, wine, or a gift certificate to a local shop. This exchange is inclusive to all ages and cultures, and is just plain old delicious!

an Easter dessert made to look like bird eggs in a nest. Chocolate covered pretzels make up the nest, and Cadbury mini eggs make it look convincing.

2) Easter Crafting Party

Invite guests over and have everyone craft something they can actually use around the house. If this is an adult-only party, crafting while festively sipping on spirits will make some fun and hilarious memories. We like the easy and beautiful look of marbelizing paper and glass jars from Better Homes & Gardens!

An Easter craft. Paper takes on a Marble appearance.

3) Easter Baking Party

Are you hosting Easter supper? What about inviting friends over before the big event to cook one or two dishes with you? Or, make a night of baking a certain dish with family members to create a tradition. Not only does this help you out, but it will give your kids, grandkids, nephews and/or nieces memories they will always cherish! 

An image of a parent and child kneading dough together.  Their hands are cupped around the dough in the shape of a heart.

4) Easter Cook-Off

Challenge your friends and/or family to an Easter cook-off! Have your guests bring their favourite Spring or Easter dishes, as well as a few copies of the recipe for each dish. Set up tasting stations, where everyone can vote on their favourite AND take home a new recipe. This idea is great for families welcoming new in-laws, or groups of friends wanting to strengthen their bond. The food challenge acts as an ice breaker, but the food itself (and the sharing of recipes) is what helps people connect to one another. For families and friends already close to one another, this idea can breathe new life into your traditional Easter plans. 

An Easter inspired dish with seasoned Salmon baked with fresh greens. 

5) Easter Cocktail Party

Why not have a boozy brunch this Easter? If you can get creative with food, why not drink? Bring your friends together to enjoy some of these themed cocktails from Town & Country Magazine. 

An Easter inspired cocktail uses a marshmallow peep to garnish the fresh bubbly. 

Happy Easter from all of us at C21 Able!!

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