Do you find you are spending far too much time sorting, washing, and folding laundry? No one wants to be spending their valuable time stuck in their laundry room – no matter how big or small it may be! We are sharing our favourite tips and tricks to make your laundry room more efficient, and more beautiful. Let's look forward to laundry day from now on!

White linen sheets are pinned to a clothesline, drying on a warm and sunny day.

1) Create Effective and Appealing Storage Solutions

Dryer balls, dryer sheets, and loose change are sitting in labelled glass jars above the washing machine.

We all know the number of products it takes to get your clothes miraculously clean, but why put these mix-match product boxes on display? Instead, place your cleaning products in matching display boxes, baskets, or crates. For frequently used items, like detergent or dryer sheets, store them in clear jars for a décor piece. Remember to label the boxes and jars for easy access to your needed item!

2) Save Time On Sorting

3 white laundry baskets, each with a colour-named label for sorting purposes.

Use labelled baskets to pre-sort your laundry to stay organized and save you time. This easy task can be taught to the whole family, so you don’t end up with one large pile of dirty clothes. For a bonus, put these sorting baskets on wheels to make transporting effortless!

3) Create A Smart Drying Solution

An old window frame repurposed to hold a fold-down drying rack.

Hang drying is a must for certain clothes, but not all laundry rooms are equipped for the task. A simple solution is adding tension rods or a fold-down drying rack. Tension rods are a great addition to any sized laundry room, since you can place them practically anywhere! Another solution is a fold-down drying rack - perfect for small spaces - you can hide it when not in use. Check out this DIY drying rack.

4) Put Your Ironing Station On Display

A small laundry room is beautifully contrasted with a large, patterned ironing board and iron held up on the wall.

Wall-mounted ironing boards may be a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an ironing station that’s stylish and easily accessible. Mount an open shelf to hold your iron, spray bottle, cloths, and other needed materials. Add two small hooks below to hang your ironing board. Make your ironing station into a wall accessory by hiding your iron and other materials in display boxes and updating your ironing board cover to match your décor.

5) Make a Folding Area

A countertop has been placed above a washing and drying machine to create a folding area for clothes.

No laundry room can be efficient if there's no room to fold the piles of clean clothes. Install a countertop over front loading washing and drying machines to create a spacious folding station. If you have another machine set-up, bring in a desk or table that fits your space. Or, if you are limited on space, try a drop-down wall table. This hidden table is perfect for small spaces, since you can tuck it away when not in use. Check out this video of a DIY folding table tutorial.

6) Utilize All Of Your Space

A photo of a small laundry room that has maximized every vertical and horizontal space.

Make the most of your laundry room – no matter the size – by effectively using the space. Use your vertical space by adding floating shelves or coat hooks to store cleaning products, baskets, or clothing. And, don’t forget about your door! Mount plastic shelving inserts or over-the-door organizers for smaller items.

7) Keep A Stool or Step Ladder Handy

An image of a white step ladder sitting in front of a front loading washing machine.

This simple tip will come in handy more times than you could imagine! Having a small stool (or folding step ladder if you are tight on space) will allow you to easily grab those out-of-reach items, saving you time and energy!

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