Looking for stylish ways to show your appreciation during this spooky season? Keep it locked here to find out 5 easy and inexpensive ways to transform your front door! 

An image of the exterior entry way to a house. A pumpkin arrangement lines the black staircase up to the black front door.

1) Bloody Numbers

An image of a house number "237", with hot glue dripping from each number to give a macabre feeling.

What's more off-putting than a haunted house? A house that seems normal at first glance. With this one detail, you can effectively give your guests and/or trick-or-treaters that uneasy feeling when they come up to your front door! All it takes is your hot glue gun. If you don't have red glue sticks, melt in bits of red crayon and mix thoroughly. Squirt the red glue onto the edges of your house numbers, blowing on it to accelerate the cooling process. What you're left with is dripping, oozing, bloody numbers. If you're having fun, try doing the same to your mailbox! Once the night is over, you can peel off the "evidence" with no damage.

2) Monochromatic Natural Decor

An image of a black wreath, with a black raven perched on the bottom.

Monochromatic decor is a trending design choice. One colour in a variety of similar tints is used repeatedly over a neutral backdrop to create a mood or feeling. Use this tactic to bring your touch of modern style to this holiday! On a white door for example, a black wreath with crow feathers will set the tone for a dark fall look. Adding an arrangement of black pumpkins, silhouette paper crows, and dark, shrivelling flowers will come together to create a bewitching effect. For black or dark doors, use orange as your colour. Remember, you don't have to use the same shade of orange. Different shades of orange pumpkins and gourds, flowers, leaves, bushes, feathers, etc will blend together nicely against the consistent dark background. You can keep this decor up for the rest of fall, too! This elongates the life of your decor, which saves you a bit of money.

3) Paper Owls

An image of a front door. Two black paper owls perched on  paper branches are arranged on either side of the door.

Making your own decorations from paper is cheap, but can look cheap if executed poorly. For this easy idea, your paper decoration will look like it's a part of the natural decor nearby. Cut yourself a nice, large silhouette of an owl on black poster board - cutting out 2 slitted holes where the eyes would go. Paste, tape or attach otherwise these silhouettes on either side of your front door. If you have a window or windows near your front door, center the owl over the window. When it gets dark, the colour of your home will lay in contrast to your silhouette. What you'll see is an owl with spooky eyes that seem to follow you! If the eyes are over your window, the light from inside will provide an eerie glow. Potted plants with barren branches go under the paper owls, making it look as though they are perched. 

4) Etched Pumpkin Display

An image of a pumpkin display, with the drawing of a fox etched into one pumpkin.

You don't artistic skills for this one, just a steady hand. Print off a picture of what you'd like to use for your pumpkin. Black and white photos work the best, since the contrast works better for seeing lines and shapes. Slice off a small piece of the pumpkin's bottom to make a level base, and hollow out the inside. Tape your template on to the side, and press a pin into the skin, along the lines of the template. Then, remove the paper and connect the dots with a linoleum cutter. Scrape the surface just deeply enough for light to shine through. Insert a battery-powered candle, and see your etchings glow all night! 

5) Distanced Trick or Treat

An image of a front door. A monster's hand pokes through the middle, laying over halloween treat bowl.

Don't let COVID prevent you from being the scariest or most fun house on the block! Using a sheet of black craft paper (for colder temps, thicker poster board, sheets or curtains work), chalk out the basic details of a door. Tape the paper to your real door's interior frame. Cut a hole that's large enough for your arm to pass through at an appropriate height to the candy bowl you'll be placing on a table or stool outside. Wrap your hand and arm up like a mummy, cover it in hair and dirt like a werewolf, or cover it in some creepy fashion. At first glance, this set up will look like a fun display for trick or treaters.....until it comes to life to scare those sneaking an extra treat!

Have fun this Halloween! 

- The team at Century 21 Able Realty

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